Castello Sforzesco is one of the notable spots of Milan – a castle that dates from the 14th century with a lot of history and that nowadays is one of the famous postcards of the city- a beautiful space that is also the house of some design galleries. This remarkable castle surrounds the 19th building, which Vincenzo de Cottis was responsible for redesigning. 


Inspired by Castello Sforezco, Cotiis first researched the area to understand how the history of Milan changed with the years – reflecting on the architecture and how it defines the relationship between people and the space. According to the designer – time and space can reflect on the individuals as the architecture.

It inspired Cottis to create a synergy between present and past. The focus was a space that homages its history but also a place where the owner’s teenage daughter could feel at home – blending past and present – the solution was to highlight the area with furniture and objects that add a modern vibe and accomplish the building’s history.


For the redesigned layout, Cotiis used luxury materials from the 20th and neutral colors inspired by Milan City and his famous signature. This apartment shows a contemporary style with a mix of textures that highlights its historical interior and brings a peaceful vibe to this home.

The furniture helped to personalise this space and brought the perfect balance between modernity and the past. At Midcentury Home studio you can find mid century pieces that suit any luxury project.

Photographs by Martin Morell

Published by Ad Italia 2022 summer